OverDrive Media Console issue with WMA downloads on Windows 7 64-bit

If you have a Windows 7 64-bit PC or laptop and want to download and listen to WMA format Audiobooks in your OverDrive Media Console, forget about it.  It doesn’t work.

If you Google (yes, Google is a verb) “OverDrive + WMA + Windows 7 64-bit” you’ll get a page full of responses that speak to this problem.  I tried several ‘solutions’, including updating Media Player security (didn’t work), reinstalling the OverDrive Console (no luck), and I even installed XP Mode and Virtual PC on my machine thinking surely that would work, but no joy…

My suggestion is to download your Audiobooks to your Win 7 64-bit machine in MP3 format only ’til OverDrive and Microsoft sort this out.  I’ll be in touch with OverDrive directly to see if there’s a fix in the works for this and will report out when it’s working.  Just don’t hold your breath for a solution – I’m not…


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